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My name is Sara Sanders and I am the Counselor at Academy Middle School as well as the Testing Coordinator for the campus and the district.

I have been in the teaching profession for over 20 years. I received my Bachelors Degree from Texas A&M University and my Masters in School Counseling from A&M Central Texas I have been at Academy Middle School for 12 years.

As a counselor, I am trained to listen and respect a student’s feelings. I work hard to let each child in our school know that I will listen to them; that I will respect them. I will connect with everything in the child’s world of learning and growing to help all students meet everyday challenges of growing up.

I don’t sit in my office waiting for a problem to “pop up.” I stay in circulation, so that I am always available to the students. In addition, teachers can tell me about a sudden change in a child’ outlook. Then make time to explore it with the student. A child’ schoolwork can be undermined by changes at home, or problems at school.

Parents are free to call or come by at any time for a meeting if they have academic, social, or personal concerns about their child.

My personal goal as a school counselor is to provide a warm and safe environment where each person can learn to love who they are, and to facilitate coping skills needed for everyday life. Each day is a new day. We want our students to know that we care about them as a person; that they are valued.